Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some common questions and answers about APICloud.Me. If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us and ask!

What is an API?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of components and functions that you can use to solve certain problems (e.g. face recognition, image or text processing). API encapsulates implementation details and offers a high-level interface to the consumer. APIs can be available on the Web, so that developers don’t need to worry about installing, maintaining and hosting complicated pieces of software. In that case an application (typically a Web one) interacts with the API over HTTP (client libraries from RapidAPI can make it transparent to the developer).

What is APICloud.Me?

APICloud.Me is a cloud API provider: we develop and distribute powerful and scalable Web APIs. Every API has a complete documentation as well as a demo and a free usage plan. While your application’s workload is small, you are free of charge. All our APIs are currently available via RapidAPI. RapidAPI is a cloud API proxy capable of billing processing, generating client libraries for various languages as well as providing nice docs to make API consumption as easy as possible.

What are the benefits of using APICloud.Me APIs?

Well, let’s sort it out. First of all, API typically solves a problem that is complex enough to make you think about using a third-party software for it. This software is usually complicated and expensive (as well as resource-hungry). That means even if you choose not implement the feature yourself many pitfalls still exist requiring additional time and funds.

Let’s now imagine that all you need is already hosted in a scalable and reliable environment, has a simple usage, crystal-clear documentation, demos and a pay-for-use pricing. No more bicycle reinventions, no hosting and scalability headache, optimized financial costs and a lighter application. That’s what APICloud.Me is all about!

What should I do to start consuming APICloud.Me APIs?

It’s really simple! Just follow these simple steps:

First, sign up RapidAPI (if you don’t have a RapidAPI account yet). Once you have a RapidAPI account, you can explore APICloud.Me APIs on RapidAPI: read the docs, sign up a preferred pricing plan for the desired API (or choose a free one), get client libraries for a programming language of your choice and much more!

I want to test APICloud.Me APIs. Should I start paying immediately?

Absolutely not! As well as demos we offer free plans for all of our APIs. That means you can start developing your application and use our APIs for free unless your application hits free plan limit. You can then upgrade to a higher plan.

Will I be charged for unsuccessful API calls?

No. Only successful API calls count.

How can my application talk to the API?

All our APIs are available via RapidAPI. It means you should have a RapidAPI account to consume an API. After signing up a particular API, you are free to choose a client library for a particular programming language or you can use plain HTTP (e.g. via cURL) to talk to our APIs through RapidAPI’s proxy URL. More information on API consumption is available in RapidAPI documentation.

I need a feature that APICloud.Me doesn’t yet support. Is there any chance?..

Sure! We are always open for communication and if you have an idea or a feature request, feel free to contact us!

I have a software and I wish to expose it as an API, can APICloud.Me help me?

Yes! Please contact us, partnership is great!